Allow Flash In Chrome For Specific Website Via GPO

Hello Friends, you access so many websites which require Flash to run properly. If you are a Chrome user then you should be aware of it that Flash is blocked by default in the browser. Chrome blocks Flash by default because of the security flaws. But still few websites will be there which you want to access and that need flash. So we can allow flash in chrome for specific website via GPO.

To achieve “Allow Flash In Chrome For Specific Website Via GPO” , just create a Group Policy. Now, right click on it and select “Edit” option. Thereafter go to the below path.

Freshers can follow link How To Open and Configure Group Policy to open and create GPO.

User Configuration–> Policies–> Administrative Templates–> Google–> Google Chrome–> Content Settings.

After selecting the Content Settings, on right side look for two policies with the name “Default plugins setting” and “Allow plugins on these sites” . So configure these two one-by-one.

Default plugins setting

Double click on this policy which will present you another window. Select “Enabled” button. Under the “Default plugins setting” drill down it’s options and select as per your requirement.

Automatically running plugins can be either allowed for all websites or denied for all websites.

Click to play allows plugins to run but the user must click them to start their execution. Here you can go for “click to play“.

Allow plugins on these sites

Double click on Allow plugins on these sites. New window will appear like below one:

Thereafter, go for “Enabled” radio button. Click on “Show” button. Here give the website name for which you want to allow plugins automatically. Then come out of this window and get it checked with the user.


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8 thoughts on “Allow Flash In Chrome For Specific Website Via GPO

  1. Not working anymore 🙁 sins last upadte GPO Alow flash notwoking now flash sites wont openen and ask for allow and when you do it reloads the page and not start Flash. if i Change the gpo to not configured flash pops up with allow and when je allow then its working…. any idee?

    1. Hello Rene, Thanks for your comments.
      To get it applied please follow below steps:
      1. Firstly apply this policy on User’s OU and Authenticated users under security filtering.
      2. Run gpresult /r to know whether policy applying in actual or not.
      3. If policy is getting applied then check whether settings inside GPO are reflecting in your policy by running command rsop.msc. Go to actual path where settings should display and check settings are reflecting or not.
      4. If settings not appearing then Go to your server and then GPO. Then go to Delegation Tab. Add Domain Computers group here with read permission only.
      5. Then run gpupdate /force and take reboot if required.


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