Change Local Admin Password via Group Policy

Hello Friends, in today’s life, we do understand the importance of computer where almost all works are getting performed through computer. So, this has really become vital to keep safe our computers from unauthorized users. Then it doesn’t matter whether computer reside into domain or stand alone machine. That’s why as per best practice Local Administrator password must change on regular interval. Similarly, local Administrator name can also be changed to hide the actual identity of Local Admin which helps to safe computer from illegal access. Click here to know more about Rename Local Administrator Account Using Group Policy. Here we will learn how to change local admin password via Group Policy.

Change Local Admin Password via Group Policy

Please follow steps as mentioned below through GPO.

First of all, open Group Policy Management Console and create a new Group Policy or freshers can follow link How To Open Group Policy Management ConsoleNow Group Policy Editor is ready to use.

Firstly, create a Group Policy. Right click on this GPO, select “Edit” option displaying on it and go to the below path:

Computer Configuration –> Preferences –> Control Panel Settings.
select and Right-click on “Local Users and Groups”. Select “New” then “Local User”.

Now change the values as per below / requirement:
User Name: Administrator
Password: As per password policy defined in your organization
Confirm Password: same as given above

Then select the check boxes as per defined rules in your organization.


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