How to Disable Auto Rotation Screen

Hello All, If you have windows 10 operating system based devices then a good news for each of you that those devices can be controlled / managed / disabled via GPO. Please find the below steps and learn how to disable auto rotation screen through Group Policy in windows based devices.

To achieve the above mentioned goal, first of all, create a GPO and edit it by right clicking on it.
Expand “User Configuration” and navigate the below path:

User Configuration –-> Preferences –> Windows Settings –-> Registry

Once you reach above path then on right side just right click and go to the New –> Registry Item. After clicking on Registry Item another windows will open and fill the details as given below:
Values should be as follows:



Action                 :                      Update

Hive                    :                      HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE

Key Path            :                      SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\AutoRotat

Defulat               :                       Enable

Value Type        :                       REG_DWORD

Value Data        :                       0

Then click on OK button and come out of this windows.




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