Disable Screen Auto Rotation GPO

Hello Friends, this GPO setting targets devices such as tablet which supports screen rotation in both direction that is  landscape and portrait. Disable screen auto rotation GPO can be applied by IT Administrator on demand. You can apply this setting in two ways. One over multiple workstations via Group Policy. Two over single machine through registry change.

Method 1: Disable Screen Auto Rotation GPO

First of all, Open Group Policy Management Console and create new group policy. Now, right click on it and select “Edit” option.

Freshers can follow link How To Open and Configure Group Policy. Thereafter go to the below path.

User Configuration –> Preferences –> Windows Settings –> Registry

Once reach above path then right click on right side. Go to New –> Registry Item.

New window will open. Fill the details as mentioned in below screen:

Action : Update


Key Path : SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\AutoRotation

Default : Enable

Value Type : REG_DWORD

Value : 0(zero)

Base : Hexadecimal

Once fill the details click on Apply button and come out of the window.

If you need to enable rotation then set it to 1. To disable rotation set it to 0 (zero) then click OK to save and come out of the screen.

Method 2: Disable Screen Auto Rotation through Registry

If you want to apply this change on a single machine then follow same registry path and set the value as per your requirement.

Note : Before making any change in registry kindly take backup of registry.


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