Disable Service Via GPO

Hello Friends, It is vital for IT Administrators that they control their domain perfectly and Windows services play a very important role in this. Windows services can also be controlled centrally and restrict users to change their behavior. So today going forward to disable service via GPO or set services as automatic/manual/disable or in short how to control services via GPO. There are two methods to control windows services:

Method 1:
Please follow below steps to disable service via GPO or can say control behavior of Windows services centrally.

First of all, Open Group Policy Management Console and create new group policy. Now, right click on it and select “Edit” option.

Freshers can follow link How To Open and Configure Group Policy. Thereafter go to the below path.

Computer Configuration –-> Policies –> Windows Settings –-> Security Settings.

Once you reach the above path then select “System Services”. On right side you will see all Windows services.
Double click on desired service and do the needful as per your requirement.

Method 2:

Expand “Computer Configuration” until you reach the below location:

Computer Configuration –-> Preferences –> Control Panel Settings –> Services

Once you reach the above path then on right pane, right click on blank area and select New –> Service.

New service properties window will open and from here you can configure your intended service as per your need.


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