How To Disable Cortana Through GPO

Hello Friends, this blog containing the steps about how to disable cortana through GPO. This policy setting specifies whether Cortana is allowed on the device.

Microsoft has added wornderful feature with Windows 10 and that is Cortana. Cortana is just like a personal assistant who reminds you the tasks at the time defined by you.

You interacts with a female voice without keyboard requirement and of course you need a mic to talk to her. It recognizes natural voice and answer your queries using information from the Bing search engine. Cortana can do a lot for you like weather forecasts, telling jokes, set a reminder etc.

In Group Policy, if you enable or don’t configure this setting, Cortana will be allowed on the device. And if you disable this setting then Cortana will be turned off.

When Cortana is turned off then users will still be able to use search box to find things on the device.

How To Disable Cortana Through GPO

First of all, Open Group Policy Management Console and create new group policy. Now, right click on it and select “Edit” option.

Freshers can follow link How To Open and Configure Group Policy. Thereafter go to the below path.

Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Search

On right side looked for “Allow Cortana” policy setting. once search this policy setting then made the necessary change.

Through registry setting also you can disappear cortana.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Windows Search
to a DWORD with a value of 0 . If you set it to 1 or delete the key, Cortana will be enabled.


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