How To Open Group Policy Management Console

Hello Friends, if you are a fresher for Active Directory Domain Infrastructure. Then no need to say that you will have to work with Group Policy as well. This blog will explain step by step that how to open Group Policy management Console. Group Policy is the key component of Active Directory Domain Environment.

Group Policy is used to control your domain joined computers and domain account users. Group Policy allows and restricts domain users to perform or use computers.

So follow these steps to create Group Policy and using it.

How To Open Group Policy Management Console

First of all,

Click on Start Button. Type “run” and press enter key.

“Run” box will be opened for you and ready to accept your command.

Now, type “GPMC.MSC” and press enter key.







Group Policy Management Console is opened here for you now.










Expand Domain name and search for “Group Policy Object”.











Right click on it and select “New”.











Give appropriate name to identify your policy and click on “OK” button.







In the above step you have created your one Group Policy. Now it’s a time to enter into that policy to make changes as per your requirement.

Now expand “Group Policy Object”. Search your recently created Group Policy.

Once found that policy then simply select it and right click on it.

Now, click on “Edit” option.











Now, finally you have opened Group Policy Editor Console where you can make changes as per your need. Go to specific path and do whatever you want to make changes to get it applied on computers.











Hope this blog “how to open Group Policy management Console” was useful for you.

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