Remove Change Password Option When Press Ctrl+Alt+Del

Hello Friends, it is user’s right that he can change his password any time as per the applied Domain Password Policy. But if requires, an organization can remove “Change Password” option from menus which appears after pressing the Ctrl+Alt+Del keys in combination. This blog will show you how to remove Change Password option when press Ctrl+Alt+DelThis policy setting prevents users from changing their Windows password on demand.

If you enable this policy setting then the ‘Change Password’ button on the Windows Security dialog box will not display when you press Ctrl+Alt+Del.

However, users will still be able to change their password when prompted by the system. The system prompts users for a new password when an administrator requires a new password or their password is going to expire.

Remove Change Password Option When Press Ctrl+Alt+Del

Please follow below steps to apply the Group Policy.

First of all, open Group Policy Management Console and create a new Group Policy or freshers can follow link How To Open Group Policy Management ConsoleNow Group Policy Editor is ready to use and go to the path as shown below:

User Configuration –> Policies –> Administrative Templates –> System–> Ctrl+Alt+Del Options

Then on the right pane you will see the option “Remove Change Password”. Double click on this and “Enable” it.

Click “Apply” and “OK” button to come out of this policy.


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