How To Use Dynamic Lock In Windows 10

Hello Friends, if you want to make more secure your PC then there is a good news for you. Microsoft has introduced an amazing feature with Windows 10. This feature is available with Windows 10 Creator Update. As per this feature, whenever you leave or go away from your computer then your computer will automatically lock. Not believing but it’s very true. Yes, Microsoft has made it possible. In this blog just going to explain that how to use Dynamic Lock in Windows 10.

How it works: Actually to make it work, firstly, your mobile device connects with your computer via Bluetooth. So now your phone and computer are connected to each other. Thereafter, if you go away from your computer and mobile device is with you. Then once connectivity breaks between your computer and mobile device then your computer automatically locks down.

Configure Dynamic Lock In Windows 10

Here are the steps to configure this.

First of all go to start button, click on it and then click on “Settings“.

After that it opens another window having multiple options.  Here you can see option “Devices“. Click on this.

Here under the section “Bluetooth & other devices“, on right side “Bluetooth” option is there. Simply turn on this and click on “Add Bluetooth or other device“. Here add your mobile phone. Now your phone will be showing over there.

Once added then go back to “Settings” and now click on “Accounts”.

After that, go to section “Sign-in options” and on right hand side just go to bottom and search the optionDynamic Lock“. Select the check box “Allow Windows to detect when you’re away and automatically lock the device“.

It’s done from your end. Now, move away from your computer and remember that your mobile phone must be with you while you are away from your computer. As soon as connectivity breaks between your phone and computer then your computer locks immediately.

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