Display Confirmation Message Before Delete File

Hello Friends, if you are using Microsoft’s OS Windows 10 then surely you noticed one thing that whenever you delete a file then system doesn’t ask for deletion and send that file to recycle bin immediately. Or we can say that system doesn’t take confirmation from you whether need to delete this file or not as used to ask in earlier Windows OS versions. So, if you want that system display confirmation message before delete file then keep on reading this article.

Enabling this GPO can help you more productive as sometimes accidental deletion is also possible while busy with your system and working for long. And this can waste your some or more time in searching and getting back those all stuffs. There are so many settings with Windows OS which a user needs to enable or activate on their computer or user profiles and this could be one of them. So let’s go… learn and implement with very simple steps !!!

 Display Confirmation Message Before Delete File

Please follow steps as mentioned below through GPO.

First of all, open Group Policy Management Console and create a new Group Policy or freshers can follow link How To Open Group Policy Management ConsoleNow Group Policy Editor is ready to use.

First of all, create a Group Policy. Right click on this GPO, select “Edit” option displaying on it and go to the below path:

User Configuration –> Policies –> Administrative Templates –> Windows Components–> File Explorer.

Once click on File Explorer then on right pane of the window, search for “Display Confirmation Dialog When Deleting Files” policy. Double click on this policy settings and click on “Enable” radio button.

Now, click on OK button to come out of the setting.

Ask user to run gpupdate /force command. Then logoff and login back. Now give a try to delete any file. It will show confirmation message before deleting file.

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