System State Backup Of Active Directory

Hello Friends, to restore something we must have backup first. This blog will share steps how to take system state backup of active directory so that can be used to recover the data, if required. There are so many tools available in market but windows also has built-in tool / feature with the name “Windows Server Backup”. This feature is not installed by default. We need to install it. This may or may not ask for reboot. So before installing this feature be ready for that as well.

To install this feature follow below steps:

  • Go to Server Manager.
  • Click on “Roles and Features”.
  • Click next thrice to come on screen which will be showing roles.
  • Go to next screen again and find “Windows server backup”.
  • Select this check box and install it.

System State Backup

Keep in mind that system state backup contains following:

  • System Registry
  • Boot files
  • COM + Database
  • Certificate Services
  • Active Directory database
  • SysVol folder
  • IIS Metabase

There is a wbadmin command to take sytem state backup and that is as below:

wbadmin start systemstatebackup -backupTarget:drivename

wbadmin start systemstatebackup -backupTarget:d:

Please keep it in your mind while taking up system state bakcup:

  • Drive should be dedicated either internal or external. Shared network path will not work.
  • The user ID from which backup is being taken should be the part of Group either Administrator or Backup Operator.
  • Can also use backup wizard for same task.

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