Transferring FSMO Roles To Another Domain Controller

Hello Friends, Active Directory works upon certain roles which are known as Flexible Single Master Operations roles. These roles are 5 in numbers having names Schema master, Domain Naming master, RID master, PDC Emulator master and Infrastructure master. This post explaining the steps of transferring FSMO roles to another domain controller. There are two ways to transfer FSMO roles. One is Graphical mode and second is command based. Ntdsutil utility is used to transfer FSMO roles if wanna go with commands.

Steps To Transfer FSMO Roles

Use below commands to transfer the FSMO roles:
Note: Using the Ntdsutil utility incorrectly can cause of  loss of Active Directory functionality partially or completely.

  • Go to any domain controller. Click “Start” then “Run”. Type cmd and press “Enter” key. Command prompt will open for you.
  • First of all, type “netdom query fsmo” command and press enter. This command will give you the information about where exactly FSMO roles are residing at the moment.
  • Type ntdsutil and press enter. It will bring you on ntdsutil prompt and should be like “ntdsutil:”.
  • Now, type roles and press enter key. It will bring you in “fsmo maintenance” prompt.
  • At “fsmo maintenance” prompt, type “connections” and press enter. It will bring you “server connections” prompt.
  • At “server connections” prompt type “connect to server servername”. Here replace servername with the actual Domain Controller Name where you want to transfer roles.
  • On this prompt type “quit”. It will bring you back on “fsmo maintenance” prompt.
  • Now on prompt “fsmo maintenance” type “transfer schema master” and press enter key.
  • Schema master role will transfer to another domain controller which you selected above.
  • Here give another command that is “transfer domain naming master” and press enter key.
  • Again, type “transfer RID master” and press enter key.
  • Type “transfer PDC” and press enter key.
  • And at last type “transfer Infrastructure Master” and press enter key.

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