Configure Hibernate Option Through Group Policy

Hello Friends, this post containing steps to configure hibernate option through group policy. As a human being it must be our own duty to save power by applying any method of power management. It could be applied anywhere like in office, home or any other area where you can. As an IT person, at least, you can apply this power management plan to your computer itself. And if you are working with an organization where you take care a number of computers then it can be implemented using Group Policy. Saving power on multiple computers with the help of Group Policy can make a big difference in terms of power saving and off course money also…

Step by step Configuration Of Hibernate Via GPO !!!

Just follow the below steps one by one for configuring hibernate option after a specified period of time with the help of Group Policy.

First of all, open Group Policy Management Console and then create a new GPO. Freshers can follow link How To Open Group Policy Management ConsoleNow Group Policy Editor is ready to use.

Now, it’s time to configure hibernate settings for workstations via Group Policy. Right click on this GPO, select “Edit” option displaying on it and go to the below path:

Computer Configuration–> Preferences–> Control Panel Settings–> Power Options–>

Now, on right hand side, right click and select New–> Power Plan (At least Windows 7)

After clicking on this, it opens a new window box. Under very first tab that is “Advanced Settings”, Go to “Sleep”–> “Hibernate After”. Expand this and give the appropriate value or as decided by your management for “On Battery” / “Plugged In”. Now click on “Apply” and “OK” button to save and come out of the settings.

Now get it checked with the user. Hope this blog helps you to configure hibernate option through Group Policy.



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