Exclude User Or Computer From GPO

Hello Friends, today we will discuss about exclude user or computer from GPO. Exclusion is required sometimes when Group Policy is getting applied on entire OU and you receive a request to exclude a set of user accounts or computers from that GPO. we can exclude User(s), Computer(s) and Security Group(s) from Group Policy.

Remove Users Or Computers From Group Policy

please follow the below steps to exclude Users/Computers/Security Group:

  1. Go to Domain Controller.
  2. Open Group Policy Management Console.
  3. Locate the specific Group Policy
  4. On right hand side, go to Delegation tab.
  5. Click on Advanced tab (on bottom).
  6. Add targeted user/computer/security group.
  7. Now see the permission of “Read” and “Apply Group Policy”.
  8. Simply select “Allow” for “Read” permission and click over “Deny” permission for username.
  9. Now, click OK button to come out of this screen.


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