Few Useful Commands

Hello Friends, if you compare today’s life with old days then you will realize that life has changed and become easy. Now we can finish our tasks in few clicks and this is happening in all fields. Similarly, in computer field as well where it made things easy through graphical mode. Inspite of doing a lot through graphical mode, commands have it’s own importance and play a vital role in technology area. Here, going to show few useful commands which can help you in your professional carrier.

Some Important Commands 

Protecting Files / directories (Encryption)

To protect files / directories, we can apply encryption over them. To achieve this, first of all open command prompt. Then go to specific directories in command prompt itself. Then run command “cipher /E”. It will encrypt all files inside that directories where you are at the moment. Other switches can also be used with this, just type “cipher /?”.

Change Command Prompt Font Color

Open command prompt and type “help color”. It will show multiple color names with their codes. If you want green color then type “color 02”. Hope running this command gives you smile.

Change Prompt Text

To change the prompt text, firstly type “prompt abc$G” (without quotes) and press enter. You will see that now prompt is changed to “abc>”. If you want to display different character other than greater than symbol (>) after “abc” then type “help prompt”. It will show you a list of set of characters which can be used and put after prompt.

Change Command Prompt Title

To get this, open command prompt. Type “title Hello World” and press enter.

Hide Folder

You will be thinking that it’s very easy by going to folder’s properties and select “hidden” check box. But someone can easily locate that folder by going into folder options. So, to hide folder completely, open command prompt. Then go to desktop path in cmd prompt itself. Suppose there is a folder named “HelloWorld”. Then from prompt type “Attrib +h +s +r HelloWorld” and press enter. To re-appear folder type command “Attrib -h -s -r HelloWorld”. Folder will come back again.

Paste Command Output To Notepad

Open command prompt and type this command “ipconfig /all | clip” and press enter key. You will notice that nothing displayed on cmd screen. Actually after running this command, copy command also executed. Now, open notepad and simply paste by pressing ctrl+v combination or by right clicking in notepad and select paste option.


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