Restrict One User To Log On To Server At A Time

Hello Friends, I hope you all are enjoying in your professional field. Once again I am back to share something with you all. This article describes about restrict one user to log on to server at a time. Means to say once a user logged into machine or server then it will not allow other users to log into that server. After logging one user into server it will show error message for others and that will be something like “the server is busy and try again later”.

How To Limit One User Only To Log Into Server 

To get the desired outcome, first of all create a group policy and right click on it. Then click on “Edit” option to configure the GPO and follow the below path:

Computer Configuration–>Administrative Templates–> Windows Components–> Remote Desktop Services–> Remote Desktop Session Host–> Connections

Once reach to above path then on right hand side search for “Limit number of connections“. Then double click on it to configure the settings. Click on “Enabled” radio button. In the RD Maximum Connections allowed box, type the maximum number of connections as 1, and then click on “Apply” n “OK” button.

To use this setting, enter the number of connections you want to specify as the maximum for the server. To specify an unlimited number of connections, type 999999.

Hope this blog helped you to configure one user log into server at a time.

Thank you.

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