Machine Not Getting IP From DHCP Server

Hello Friends, hope you all are doing great in your professional life. Once again here with new issue and it’s solution. As you all know it very well that DHCP server is responsible for IP assignment and if machine not getting IP from DHCP server then it really becomes an issue which need to resolve asap. This post is over this topic itself.

DHCP server not releasing IPs

This issue occurs if earlier you configured failover between two DHCP servers and later on partner DHCP server goes down or not reachable for some time. Then after a couple of days / months DHCP server stops releasing IPs.

Solution: To resolve the issue delete configured failover settings and then restart DHCP service. DHCP server will start releasing IPs now. It will not affect scopes.

Steps to delete failover as follows:

  1. Open DHCP server console.
  2. Expand DHCP then Server Name.
  3. Right click on IPV4 and go to properties.
  4. Go to tab “Failover”.
  5. Select the Failover_Name and click on “Delete” button.
  6. Now click on “OK” button to save the settings.

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