URL Not Redirecting From Chrome To IE

Hello Friends, Once again I am back with one more issue and it’s solution. This post is related to URL redirection from Chrome to Internet Explorer. Sometime we receive a request that a particular URL must open in IE whether we try to open it in Google Chrome. So it can be achieved with the help of GPO and follow this link for the same How To Force Website Open In Internet Explorer Via GPO. It worked for all machines but URL not redirecting from Chrome to IE for one machine only. To resolve the issue follow the below steps:   

Chrome To Internet Explorer URL Redirection

In case URL is still not redirecting from Chrome to Internet Explorer then you can follow below steps:

  1. Download Google Chrome Enterprise Bundle.
  2. This will contain msi package also with the name “LegacyBrowserSupport”.
  3. Just copy this msi package to user’s machine and run it.
  4. Thereafter close Chrome and open it again.
  5. Try to open URL in Chrome and will redirect to IE now. 
  6. If URL still doesn’t redirect to IE then restart machine OR clear Chrome history.

Hope this post useful for you and resolve your URL redirection issue. 

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