Copy Folder Permissions Through Robocopy

Hello Friends, this article is related to copy folder permissions through Robocopy command. Robocopy is used to copy data from source to destination location. The benefit of using this command is that it copies the data with permissions applied over those files/folders. But what happens if due to some reason appropriate permissions not gets reflected after coping data successfully. So don’t worry about that. This article will show you that how to resolve it and get all permissions on copied data as present on source files/folders. So please go through this article to throw your issue out of your problem box.

Permissions Not Copied Using Robocopy

Cause: This issue occurs while trying to copy data from source to non-actual location and then non-actual location to final destination location. Suppose during this activity we used normal copy command. Once the data copied successfully to the final destination location then we need to sync the data from source location. During this sync all the updates in that data reach to destination location but permissions do not sync or updated. Even after running Robocopy command multiple times it doesn’t update permissions.

Solution: So what next we need to do actually. There is a requirement to run Robocopy command with specific switches to get the permissions reflected for files/folders present in destination location. Below is the command to update the permissions.

robocopy.exe source_location destination_location /e /secfix /Copy:DATSOU /LOG:”D:\logfile_name.log”

Here you need to keep patience because this command will take time as per the size of folder and number of files/folders available.

Hope this article helpful for you and resolved your issue.

Thanks for giving your precious time over this article.

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