Remove Attribute From Folders

Hello Friends, This post containing information about remove attribute from folders. This is important in that case if you are trying to copy folder and attribute is set as Read-Only with that folder. Then it could be an obstacle for you to copy that folder from one location to another. Please check the below switches with attrib command:

ATTRIB [+R | -R] [+A | -A] [+S | -S] [+H | -H] [+O | -O] [+I | -I] [+P | -P] [+U | -U]
[drive:][path][filename] [/S [/D]] [/L]

+ Sets an attribute.
– Clears an attribute.
R Read-only file attribute.
A Archive file attribute.
S System file attribute.
H Hidden file attribute.
O Offline attribute.
I Not content indexed file attribute.
X No scrub file attribute.
V Integrity attribute.
P Pinned attribute.
U Unpinned attribute.
Specifies a file or files for attrib to process.
/S Processes matching files in the current folder
and all subfolders.
/D Processes folders as well.
/L Work on the attributes of the Symbolic Link versus
the target of the Symbolic Link

Command to add OR remove attribute

So to set Read-Only File attribute on folder, run below command.

c:\>attrib +r <folder location> press enter key

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