Computer Based Group Policy Not Applying

Hello Friends, hope you all are doing great in your professional career. Today I brought one more issue with solution which may or may not you faced where computer based group policy not applying. So if you didn’t face this issue then very well and can keep this solution with you. And if still struggling to resolve it then stop worrying and go through this article. Here, I am talking about if creating shortcut Group Policy on few of desktops not getting applied.

Task : Creating shortcut on few of user’s desktops.

Issue: We made a Group Policy for creating a shortcut on some of the user’s desktops. Policy was getting applied on machines but it’s settings not reflected and because of that shortcut was not appearing on user’s desktops. See this link  Create Shortcut Icon on User’s Desktop for a URL  to know how to create shortcut on user’s desktop.

Approach : We created machine base policy and applied this GPO over an OU containing all workstations. Now, we had to create shortcut on some of those workstations. So created a group and put those all machines where shortcut was required on desktops. Thereafter, placed this group under security filtering. Now when shortcut didn’t appear after running “gpudate /force” command then added built-in group “Authenticated Users” inside “Delegation Tab” but no luck.

Solution : We applied GPO over OU then added group (containing all machines where we had to create shortcut) under security filtering. Then, removed “Authenticated Users” group from “Delegation” Tab and added built-In group “Domain Computers” with read permission.

Thereafter, ran gpudate /force command and shortcut would appear on desktop. Thus issue resolved.

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